Welcome to the CTERA

Thank you for taking our application and considering becoming a member of this new timed rodeo association for competitors 40 and older. Many of us over 40 still love to rodeo and would like a fair, competitive opportunity to do so throughout California and the surrounding states. This association wii provide that opportunty.

CTERA will have 6 events: Ladies Barrel Racing, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Ladies Breakaway Roping, Men's Breakaway Roping and Ribbon Roping.

BARREL RACING - three age groups (40's 50's and 60+ for year end awards) but will be run in a 3D format, a 1/2 second split between divisions, paying equal monies. Drag will be after every 6 runners.

TIE DOWN ROPING - (40' 50' 60' and 68+ for year end awards) and will be run in a Handicap system in the 40's and 50's who will rope together. 60's and 68+ will rope together wth no handicap. 3 seconds plus 1 tenth of a second off per year for age over 68. Points in age within top 6 placing. This will provide considerable opportunity for calf roping competitors of all ages to place and win money.

TEAM ROPING - three age groups (40' 50' and 60+) It will run as a pick partner plus one will be drawn for you. Points will be given in age groups (the highest placing within the top 6). Rodeo team roping rules will apply.

LADIES and MEN'S BREAKAWAY - will each be run as jackpot events with no split age groups.

RIBBON ROPING - will have three age groups (if enough in each age group). Runners will end their run by crossing a finish line 100 feet from the score line. This will help ropers to keep their horses running free and elimate stock from stalling at the chute gate. It should also present for a more competitive opportunity for all.

Be sure to view our Rules page for a PDF of the official rules for each event. 

If you have any questions please contact one of the board members or the event directors..

105 Ruth Street
Exeter, CA 93221

559-799-1907 Phone
or email to: info@ctera.net

website contact garyjohnson81@comcast.net